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Did you know that most components of a traditional wedding ceremony are just that...tradition? As a legally ordained Wedding Officiant in Lancaster, Pa. Rev. Reenie Panzini knows the ins and outs and legalities of a wedding ceremony. There are only a few legal requirements that have to be fulfilled during a wedding ceremony in Lancaster, Pa. in order for you to be considered legally married.


What does that mean? It means that YOUR wedding ceremony can be anything YOU want it to be.  Reenie is experienced in writing and officiating all types of wedding ceremonies. A Unique Wedding Ceremony, Non-traditional Wedding Ceremony, Same Sex Wedding Ceremony, Secular Wedding Ceremony, Harry Potter themed Wedding Ceremony (seriously), Religious Wedding Ceremony, Romantic Wedding Ceremony, Bohemian Wedding Ceremony, Interfaith/Inter-Religion Wedding Ceremony, etc. etc. 


If there are things you've always loved about wedding ceremonies,  Reenie can and will include it in your wedding ceremony.  Things that you've always hated about wedding ceremonies, forget them! Something you've always dreamed of doing during your ceremony but don't know how? That's why she's here in Lancaster, Pa. waiting to officiate your wedding ceremony!!  more

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From Brooklyn, New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Since I get to know a lot about the couples I officiate weddings for, I think it’s only fair that you get to know at least a little about me.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and I still have a bit of an accent...or maybe more than a bit, you can tell me when we meet. I’ve had many, many wedding guests come up to me after a ceremony and try to guess where I’m from. I suppose I sound a little different and no one can really put their finger on it; it’s a fun game.  Most of my family still live in NYC and come to visit often. When they do, my accent immediately returns and even after they leave, my kids struggle to understand me for a few days!  Lol

I’ve lived in Lancaster, Pa. for nearly 20 years with my husband, three kids, 2 dogs, and a turtle named Fred who is around 35 years old, watches television and scratches at the glass of his tank if you block his view. I kid you not. Fred is a very odd turtle. 


I’ve been in the Wedding industry for over 20 years and have been officiating weddings for over 15. I attended The New Seminary (TNS) for Interfaith Studies in NYC where I hold the title of Associate Minister of the Interfaith Temple (the ordaining body of TNS) and act as a member of the Pastoral Care Team.  While I am a legally ordained, seminary trained, Interfaith Minister, I do NOT expect you (or really want you to) call me Reverend. Yes, I will sign all your forms with Reverend Panzini because legally that is who I am BUT I am much more comfortable with just Reenie.  


  About Me

Reenie Panzini
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