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Did you know that most components of a traditional wedding ceremony are just that...tradition? There are only a few legal requirements that have to be fulfilled during a wedding ceremony in order for you to be considered legally married. What does that mean? It means that YOUR ceremony can be anything YOU want it to be. A Unique Wedding, Non-traditional Wedding, Same Sex Wedding, Secular Wedding, Harry Potter themed Wedding (seriously), Religious Wedding, Romantic Wedding, Bohemian Wedding, Interfaith/Inter-Religion Wedding, etc. etc.  If there are things you've always loved about wedding ceremonies, we'll include it.   Things that you've always hated about wedding ceremonies, forget them! Something you've always dreamed of doing during your ceremony but don't know how? Tell me all about it, I can make it happen!

I've been called a "Wedding Fairy Godmother" by more than one couples because I've created meaningful, memorable ceremonies with personal touches after only a few meetings or emails.  I LOVE love stories, I LOVE to write and I pay attention to little details that a couple may not even realize are details.  It's my intention that you have a ceremony that you'll remember forever...if that's what you want.


  • What if you don't care about the ceremony? What if you just want it short and sweet? Get to the party!!! That's ok too. To each his own, I don't judge! Just let me get my legalities in and off you go!!

  • What if you're already married and no one knows??? WHAT THEN??  Don't panic, it happens more than you think. Tell me once and we'll never mention it again. You can still have a ceremony and I'll bring a decorative certificate, just in case nosy "Aunt Sadie" asks to see it. 

  • What if your college roommate was going to officiate for you until you found out that online ordinations aren't really valid in Pennsylvania????   No worries, I've got a fix for that too. Bippity Boppity Boo, see? Wedding Fairy Godmother!!

Included in your Ceremony Fee

  • One in person consultation prior to booking your date. These meetings can be done via telephone if you are not local to Lancaster.  

  • Contact via telephone/text and/or email throughout the ceremony planning process. If you're really dying to see me I'm sure we can work something out, I'm always up for a coffee chat! 

  • A one of a kind ceremony written especially for you based on a ceremony profile that you'd fill out and my empathetic writing skills.   ; )   Unlimited revisions.  

  • Preparation and filing of all legal documents required  by your County to register your marriage. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain their marriage license from a Pennsylvania County Clerk. · 


An additional fee (based on date/time and venue) is charged for facilitation of your wedding rehearsal.  However, I find that most couples can save money by running the rehearsal on their own with instructions written specifically for their wedding me.  Also, if you have a wedding planner or if your venue has a day of planner assigned to you, there is no reason to spend extra money to have me there.   Go get a couples massage or something!! 



Yep, I do those too.  I've lost count of how many couples I've married in a local coffee shop. They should name a latte after me...hmmmmm. 

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