Reverend Reenie Panzini
Wedding Officiant and Minister               Lancaster, Pa. 
Call: 717-575-8850
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I'm On My Way!! (Pre-Wedding Car Selfie)

Free Weddings at the Pride Festival 2014

All about me! From Brooklyn to Lancaster, Pa.
Since I get to know a lot about the couples I officiate weddings for in Lancaster, I think it’s only fair that you get to know at least a little about me.

Not "Just" a Wedding Officiant! 

While I am a legally ordained, seminary trained, Interfaith Minister, 
I do NOT expect you (or really want you to) call me Reverend. Yes, I will sign all the legal forms with Reverend Irene Panzini because legally that is who I am BUT I am much more comfortable with Reenie.  

I am originally from Brooklyn, New York and I still have a bit of an accent...or maybe more than a bit, you can tell me when we meet. I’ve had many, many  guests come up to me after I’ve officiated a wedding ceremony and try to guess where I’m from. I suppose I sound a little different and no one can really put their finger on it; it’s a fun game. However, a “New Yawkah” knows a “New Yawkah” and they’ll call me out every time!!

I’ve lived in Lancaster, Pa. for nearly 12 years and I’m happily married to my husband Peter. We have 3 children, 2 teenagers and a 9 year old, 3 dogs, a cockerpoo (Lucy) , a peekapoo (Ricky A.K.A. Mr. Ricky Foo) and a shihtzu (Bebe), a rabbit (Oreo) and a turtle (Fred) who is around 25 years old!! HELP!

I’ve been in the Wedding industry for 16 years and have been officiating weddings for over 10. I attended The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies in NYC and hold 
3 separate Ordinations.  I am also the Vice President of The Lancaster Metaphysical Chapel right here in Lancaster City, I speak at Sunday Services there about once a month.

Aside from being a Wedding Officiant!

I run a support/info group for parents of special needs young adults in Lancaster, Pa. AND I sometimes speak on Interfaith/All Faith relations on local talk shows.  

Want even more info?
On Stage wedding at the Chameleon Club...yes, that's a pink wig and black wings.

Free Weddings at the Pride Festival 2014